The Year of Return

The Year of Return

2015 will be a year of intense struggle within the “Body of Christ.” The same forces that are already at work to discredit the Pentecostal messengers and the Pentecostal message will increase their unholy hold on those who are blinded to the Truth by their Tradition. These “defenders of The Faith” will see their work as God inspired. The Lord, Himself, will answer them with an even greater out pouring of His Spirit. This will open many “blinded eyes” and “deaf ears.”

This year of 2015 will see the foretold return of great numbers of those who have left the Church over the past 15 – 20 years. Many who have said, “I don’t need church; I love Jesus and He is with me,” will come to realize that God is only “with” them to the degree that they are “with” Him in obedience. Their need for fellowship, that God only promises within the context of the local church, will overcome their woundedness and/or willfulness. The Mighty Wind of the Spirit will blow upon them and they will come home as easily as feathers are moved by a gentle breeze.

Many who were swept into the Charismatic movement of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, but then slipped back into their old traditions, will begin to yearn for the move of the Spirit they experienced in those days. The Lord will visit and stir them once again and they will seek to return to the “good old paths” from which they have strayed. Because of a fresh new Wind of the Spirit there will be a “coming out of Babylonian captivity” to enter the “Land of Promise” once again.

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