The Spirit of 2015

The Spirit of 2015

The Holy Spirit is ushering in a year of holy separation. This is the year of Biblical “be ye separate” that distinguished the early Church. The true Church will find herself collectively “set apart” unto God in a very supernatural way. She will come into a unity in, and of, the Spirit that can never be counterfeited. This unity will be outside of , and opposed to, the demonically inspired ecumenism that is being foisted upon the world and the Church by those whose lust is for power.

The Spirit of God will draw His own to make long over due decisions which will bring new strength and purpose to countless lives. Some will come to see that long standing prejudices are not those with which they agree but are those that were passed from father to son and mother to daughter. Conceptual ideologies that are no more than generational curses will be shattered as Truth is embraced rather than the lies of the past. This change alone will catapult the Church into new realms of glory heretofore unreachable because of these preconceptual hindrances.

Millenniums and Gen X’s will begin to take a prominent place in the Church as God prepares and anoints them to reach the youth of our land. They will be the sickle of harvest in the hand of God during the next few years. Great will be their mark upon this Nation and the World as they throw off the shackles of Communism and humanistic materialism and the “diversity” divisiveness of classist, sexist and racist thinking for the “abundant life” promised in Scripture.

Let him that has an ear, hear what the Spirit is saying in this hour.

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