Brotherhood And this command (charge, order, injunction) we have from Him: that he who loves God shall love his brother [believer] also.

We, who claim to be Christians, must look our challenge, to love one another, square in the face.

For starters, look around your church. Is the whole congregation white, black, brown, or yellow? If it is, and you live in America, you are in a “racist” church.

If all the members if your church are wealthy, or poor, you are attending a “classist” church.

You get the idea. Sunday is the most segregated day of the week. We, the Church of the Living God, must, then, repent and and begin to reach out beyond our norms.

There would not be Ferguson’s, and hate mongers would not be able to play on people’s fears and frustrations if we would all get together and learn to walk in the love of God., and share life together.

We all need to be less thin skinned, and less afraid of offending someone else, so that we can forgive, where needed,  learn together, and, maybe most importantly, laugh together. Then, we can build the kingdom of God as He desires we should.

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