Set Me On Fire

Set Me On Fire Once More . . .

“It was not that there was a bush burning in the wilderness that drew such great attention for the man that God had chosen. It was that the bush was not consumed.
Hearken unto the voice of the Lord your God, for you shall not be consumed in the burning. Fear not to draw close unto Him. Stand not afar off in your own tent but come unto the tent of meeting. Come unto the bed chamber, the bridal chamber. Let the purging fire of the Holy Ghost come upon you and consume all that is not like Him.
You fear that there will be nothing left; but child, you have no idea, you have not eyes to see how much of Me is in you already. How much I have imparted of Myself within your being. Within you is the Holy One. Yes, birthed within you is the image and likeness of Mine own Self! I watch over to keep and protect, to nurture and guard. Yes, it has even grown since the day of your conception says your Lord.
For I have purposed to have me a people and have reached unto you and have drawn you close unto me.
From out of the bed of affliction. From out of the natal blood. I have found you and washed you and salted you and cleansed you and drawn you unto Myself. I have said, You child, are Mine own and there is neither height nor depth, nor anything above nor beneath, nor on the surface of the sea, nor on any land, nor in any realm that can separate you from My love.
I have purposed to have you as My own bride and I Am a jealous God.”

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