No Limit

No Limit

Bringing the Tithe into the storehouse (the local church, not the television ministry, opens the windows of heaven. We want the windows open, but we want more. Much, much more! We don’t just want a window open; we don’t just want a door open; we want a completely open heaven!

There is no limit in the Spirit!

An open heaven will bring everything mentioned in Deuteronomy 28:12, everything mentioned in Malachi 3:10 along with what Jesus experienced at His baptism.

1. Heavens Open! The treasures of the Kingdom are now available.

2. We see the Holy Spirit. Our spiritual eyes are opened!

3. The Holy Spirit descends. Revelation comes!

4. We hear The Voice. The Voice of God is now clearly heard.

5. We are affirmed by the Father as His own.

  • Now, nothing is impossible! Glory! Open Heavens bring us everything necessary for success in life. There is No Limit!
  • Nothing can stop us from living a victorious, productive, fruitful, exciting life walking out the will of God! Nothing, that is, but ourselves.

6. We will have to encounter and take dominion over greater obstacles – greater, stronger opponents.(Matthew 4:1)

The great Good News is that “it is written” guarantees your victory if you will stand in faith believing. Greater victories do take greater battles, but the good fight of faith is worth the results.

The greater victories will be experienced as we move from “it is written” to “it is said.” This is how Jesus won in the wilderness and it is how we win today.

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