He Sent His Word

Almighty God loves you so much that He sent His Word and healed you. He also delivered you from your destructions.

 He Sent His Word

  • He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions. Psalm 107:20 (KJV)

The Everlasting Father, God, shalach, sent forth from Himself (or stretched Himself out and let go of) His, dabar, spoken commandment (or Word) in order to, rapha’ (or, raphah} be their physician who heals their physical bodies and makes healthful their thoughts and emotions by healing their individual distresses. He also heals the hurts and corrects the defects of nations and restores them to favor.

God also delivered, malat, them and causes them to slip away and escape speedily from, shachiyth, the destructions of the pit.

We can understand, dabar, the spoken Word of God to refer to Jesus the, logos, in this case the Word, uttered by the Living Voice, as we see in John 1:1.

There, logos, denotes the essential Word of God, who is Jesus the Christ of God. He is the personal wisdom and power in union with God and the Minister of the Godhead in creation and government of the universe.

As the Strong’s Concordance in the Online Bible states, He is “the cause of all the world’s life both physical and ethical, which for the procurement of man’s salvation put on human nature in the person of Jesus the Messiah, the second person in the Godhead, and shone forth conspicuously from His words and deeds.”

“This term was familiar to the Jews and in their writings long before a Greek philosopher named Heraclitus used the term Logos around 600 B.C. to designate the divine reason or plan which coordinates a changing universe. This word was well suited to the writer’s purpose in John 1.

Jesus, the Word, was sent to heal and deliver. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

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