It’s the Restoration Hour

A Year of Restoration

A word given by Pastor Sharon Stover at one of our Missions Conferences.

It’s a year of restoration,

it’s a year of return

It’s a year of restoration,

it’s a year for which you yearned

You’ll see the prize of all your travail

And you’ll move in that way soon

For I’m restoring all the lost

and giving you room.

It’s the year of restoration,

it’s a year of coming up

It’s a time of my refreshing,

I will come and fill your cup

You will see the restoration

and oh, what a prize

For I’m working in many, many,

many other lives.

It’s a year of restoration,

just put out your hand and see

Think not that you’re forgotten,

for you belong to Me

I’ll come when you least expect it,

and leave a blessing besides

This is your year of restoration,

do not run away and hide.

A Year of Restoration

“He that has ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches”

A year of restoration,

a time for gathering up

A time for bringing things together,

a time for a full cup

I’ll pour out my love,

and everyone will see

That you’ve been serving the real God,

they’ll know that it was Me.

The children are coming home,

the broken things are being mended

Joy instead of sorrow,

healing instead of pain

Your year of restoration,

you have nothing but to gain.

My year of restoration,

the kids are coming home

The prodigals are coming,

each one unto his own

The year of restoration,

what the canker worm has eaten

Is coming from the North,

the South, the East, the West

Above and beyond

what you have made your quest.

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