The promised revival is about to break on planet earth!

Angelic Visitation

Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation? Hebrews 1:14

The Lord brought to mind what we experienced in our church November 23, 2002 The most awesome thing happened as the staff here at Wellspring gathered for our daily praise and prayer time. I will write what I saw and heard as I played the guitar and we all sang in tongues and prophetic psalms. There is a sense that we are about to have another visitation. Glory!

There was a tremendous sense of the Presence as we worshiped. Dr. Sharon began to sing a song to the rhythm of the guitar and it instantly became a song that we all sang together:

Pulling down strongholds. Pulling down strongholds.

Lifting up the Word of God. Lifting up His name.

Tearing down strongholds. Tearing down strongholds.

Lifting up the Word of God. Lifting up His name.

Bringing in the Harvest. Bringing in the Harvest.

Lifting up the Word of God. Lifting up His name.

As we sang together, suddenly I saw a ladder that reached from where our altar will be to the heavens. Angels were descending and forming a circle on the ground. More and more came in increasingly rapid succession. As they reached the ground they began to form ever widening circles and they all began to dance. There was great joy and laughter. Then I said, “Lord, I thought the angels were supposed to ascend and descend, not just descend on the ladder?” He said, “They are coming down to occupy; they are coming down to help you.”

I watched as they came; more and more, faster and faster. I then saw they were warriors dancing. Laughing and dancing in an ever growing circle. Then I saw them form ranks on the outside of the circle and they were storming over the wall into Aviana. They were also grouping up and going West, North and South; though not as many. Then I saw they were laughing and smiling and I said, “Lord, Why are they laughing and smiling? Soldiers don’t go to war laughing and smiling.” He said, “They are not going to war. The victory is already won. These are the occupation forces. They are occupying!” A song broke forth:

“They run on the City. They run on the walls.”

This was repeated seven times.

Then, my attention was drawn to the ladder and the dancers once more. There were so many. The property was full of dancers. Then I looked up to the top of the ladder. There was a bright light and what appeared to be a door; and in it I could see Jesus. He was clothed in a white robe like garment and the fold shadows were gold. I couldn’t really see His face but could tell He was smiling. He was standing and suddenly He laughed and swirled about with joy.

Gateway To Heaven

I pondered the fact that He was standing and not sitting. I wondered how that we were so greeted. He stood for Stephen when he was being stoned, but for us? The Spirit reminded me that He has the same regard for you and for me, for each of us, as He has for Stephen. He is pleased. Glory!

Then I saw an angel lift off above the dancers. I asked him, “Where are you going?” He said, “I go to bring in the resources.” Then I saw a company rise up after him and I said, “Why are a company going?” He said, “Because there is much.”

After prayer I asked what the others had seen if anything. Their response was very exciting:

Pastor Sharon said, “I saw angels dancing with great joy!”

Robbie said, “I saw them dancing like this.” Then she danced a powerful victory dance. Later she wrote: “A Multitude of angels dancing and rejoicing with exuberance on the property. The ground was over full and yet none bumped into each other as they lifted their feet and pounded the ground while swinging their arms overhead and around their bodies. It appeared that they were wearing robes that floated as they moved and yet it appeared as though that was part of their person. The garments were creamy looking and the angels had all different color of hair, not male nor female.

Revival is about to break upon us and our nation!

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