You Matter

The Search for Significance

I want to share with you, a teaching that I received from Larry Stockstill of the Bethany World Prayer Center. Before I do, I want to address the propaganda that is being put out by our highest government offices. To wit, that America has run its course and that the millennial generation cannot hope for the kind of life-style that previous generations experienced.

This is nothing more, or less, than the foolishness of communism, Marxism, secularism and defeatism. The bright burning flame of the American dream must not be allowed to go out. Do NOT buy the lie! The truth lies in the simple truth that the nation that rejects God and turns her back on Israel will come under judgment and its future will be bleak. However, the people who know their God will do exploits, prosper and be in good health. How do I know? The Bible tells me so.

You see, every individual is important to God and has eternal significance. He, God, has a plan for every one of us if we will but just acknowledge Him and His Christ Jesus. There is more to life than the secularist would have you believe. You were born to achieve, create, and develop with purpose.

Every person born into this world winds up searching for significance and wondering what the real purpose of life really is.

Unfortunately, many people get caught up in nothing more than surviving. They think that their highest goal in life is that of making it through the day. A person with this mind set is unable to see beyond to a greater reason for existence.

Others get caught up in striving to be successful. They have moved past just surviving to living to be a success. Their success may be defined as having lots of money, accumulating a great many possessions, finding a husband or wife, etc. The problem is that, if you are living to be successful, it will not bring ultimate fulfillment because it is basically self-centered.

The highest level of living is only found when you know that you are not on the earth to survive, nor are you here to succeed. Life, life more abundantly, is only found when you realize that there is a purpose to your life and that purpose causes you to commit to making your life count for eternal purposes.

In order for you to come to your destined place of significance you must come to realize that, “It’s not about you!” at all. Despite popular opinion, life is not centered on you, your wants, and your goals. The beginning and end of all things is God! He is the one who calls the shots, and He is the one that life centers on.

You must come to realize that, contrary to those who perpetrate the theory of evolution, you are not an accident. In fact, the circumstances of your birth are irrelevant. God knew from the beginning of time that you would exist, and He has loved you from before you were even born. He has a plan for your life and a destiny for you to fulfill.

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