Your Purpose

What on Earth are You here for?

Something is driving everyone’s life. You are motivated by something. Whether you realize it or not, you are living according to some basic assumption. You might be living for money, for your children, for your job, or for God. Many things can be your driving force in life.

But, this life is not all there is. This earthly life is but a brief moment in time. It is not your true home. You were made to enjoy eternity in heaven with your Father.

This life is a test and a trust. God has entrusted you with the preciousness of this earthly life. All that you are and all that you have come from Him. You will answer to Him for what you do with the gifts that He has given you. God continually tests your heart to see how you will respond and to build character in you. Nothing that happens to you is insignificant, because God is using this life to test and shape you.

Life is a temporary assignment. If you understand that your earthly life is but a prelude to the life to come, you will live with an eternal perspective rather than an earthly perspective. If you live with an eternal perspective you will evaluate everything you do in light of it’s eternal value.

You will come to realize that it’s all for Him. Your sole purpose for existing is simply to bring glory to God. There is no other true purpose for life. He is the reason for everything, and only when you focus your life on Him and His eternal purposes will you find your purpose for life.

How can you bring Him glory? There are several ways that are pleasing to Him. Worship Him. This, after all, is your ultimate purpose in life. Love other believers. You will not find your purpose in isolation because you are called to connect yourself with others. Become like Christ. God desires to shape your character to be like that of His Son. Serve others with your gifts and, last but not least, tell others about Him. This is life’s most important mission. This is your mission.

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