The Mountain . . .

Haggai 1:8 Go up to the mountain, and bring wood, and build the house; and I will take pleasure in it, and I will be glorified, saith the Lord.

The Hebrew language is fascinating. Each word is built upon a prime “root” word. The word never loses it’s original meaning entirely. It always carries the understanding of the “root” along with the changes needed to clarify the subject. Even the letters carry force of their original intent.

Without taking away from the clear, and literal, interpretation of the text, I would like to plumb it’s depths.

We are admonished to “Go up;” to “go up to the mountain.” To “go up,” means to arise up, ascend up at once. The command to “go up” is forceful and immediate. It is a now thing. Not to be put off until tomorrow; not to be planned for some future date or more convenient time. It’s urgency is built into the word: “Arise, and ascend up at once!”

We are admonished to ascend up at once to the mountain. The mountain is the place of promotion. God wants you and I to come to a place where He can raise our rank or position. He wants to take us out of the sense realm into the exceeding, abundantly, above realm of the supernatural. The realm where faith causes change. The realm where nothing is impossible, even the salvation of the most wicked of souls.

We are then to bring forth, by prayer and fasting, the fallen. The word bring carries the meanings of being fallen, bringing forth, and interestingly, the word mention. I submit to you that we are to firstly, mention the lost to God, and secondly, mention God to the lost, and these, on a regular basis. Here we are speaking of intercessory prayer and the act of witnessing. The action of witnessing demonstrates our confidence that our prayer has been heard.

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