Integrity Lost

Let Me ask You again, Adam, Where Are You?

This was the question that God posed to Adam right after the fall. It surely wasn’t that the Almighty, Omniscient One couldn’t find His creation; He simply wanted Adam to know where he was.

Adam had severed himself from his covenant relationship with the Lord through a rebellious act and God wanted him to know it. Man had lost much, much more than he could possibly imagine. This was a tragedy of immense proportion.

Adam had lost his integrity.

The word “Integrity” holds the idea of:

(1 the quality of being honest and morally upright.

(2 the state of being whole or unified.

(3 soundness of construction.

Through the fall, Adam lost the quality of being honest and morally upright as well as the state of being whole or unified. This undermined his very construction.

He had been made after the image and likeness of God Himself as an eternal being. He was designed to live forever, enjoying the fellowship of God and the pleasures of the Garden, wherein there was only beauty and peace. He and his Father would walk, and talk, together every day.

He had dominion authority over all of creation and, with his helpmeet, Eve, was to be fruitful and multiply in the unblemished earth.

He had integrity until he began to consider that perhaps the devil was right in implying that God was holding out on him. Maybe there was more enjoyment, more knowledge, more of everything hidden in the forbidden fruit.

The moment he began to entertain those kinds of thoughts he became double minded and that, my friend, is a lack of integrity. He ceased to be unified in who he was. He was no longer whole in his character and it cost him everything.

“Christian,” Where Are You?

This is the question of the hour, posed to each “Christian” who has drawn away from church. It is not asked because the Almighty, All knowing One doesn’t know the answer. The question is asked so that you will know where you are.

To not gather together with the Body is the same as severing yourself from your covenant relationship with the Lord. You lose much, much more than you can possibly imagine. This is a tragedy of immense proportion.

It means, You have lost your integrity.

You may see yourself and honest and morally upright but every time you skip church you sever yourself from the Body of the only Righteous One. Communion is lost and your integrity is damaged.

A finger severed from the hand will fall away, wither and die. There is no connection, no flow of life from the body. The original construction is undermined.

In Christ we have been restored to fellowship with the Father; once again being molded and fashioned into His image and likeness. We can enjoy His daily fellowship, walking and talking with Him. Life is filled with righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.

Dominion authority is restored, and, together with Him, we can be fruitful and multiply, bearing spiritual children as we win the lost.

We have integrity, we are one with Him, until we begin to consider that we don’t really need to take the time to meet and work together. Maybe there is more enjoyment, more knowledge, more of everything outside the fellowship of the saints.

Beloved, the moment you begin to entertain those kinds of thoughts you become double minded, and there lose your integrity. You cease to be unified with Him who said, “I will build My church.” This could just cost you everything. – Selah

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