Hear and Heed

A Word Given . . .

When the Holy Spirit gives us light and light, we should listen and heed what is being said. I have shared this word before and it bears repeating:

“Taste and see that the Lord is good and his mercies endure forever. If you understood the magnitude of the depth and the breadth of His great love, how He would pour out unto thee apples of gold and pitchers of silver, He would adorn thee, overshadow thee, enable and empower thee beyond all that you could ask or think.

He will satisfy your soul and every longing as you cast all your care and concern upon Him. And when you set your affections upon Him, you will begin to understand His great love for you, and begin to receive the benefit of that love, boundless, unending and unfailing. The depths of it cannot be sounded. The breadth of it cannot be measured.

Because in truth all that you have desired deep within is only fulfilled in Him. For He is your creator, and God gives the desires of your heart, not your soul, your heart, the depths of your being, where the divine seed is planted, where the vision is birthed, where the prophetic word of God stirs within to bring forth. Yield to it as the soil yields to the pressing of that seed reaching for the sun. Yield and see if it will not break forth, and if the glory of it will not far surpass the seed of it. He’ll not withhold any good thing from you.

Don’t join together with them that have judged me, says the Lord. You say, “Who has judged You?” They have judged me, those who say that the second coming will not occur. They have judged me that say the healing will not come. They have judged me that said that the tithe will not bring forth her harvest. They have judged me that say the gifts of My Spirit are not for today. Don’t join them that judge me.

And remember that I am not slack as men counts slackness. I watch over my word to perform it and it shall be performed. It will accomplish the thing where unto I have sent it. The times are not always your times, they are in my hands. And I will bring forth, in the fullness of time, that it might abide, that it might accomplish the thing that I sent it to accomplish.

Don’t sit in the seat of the scorner. Don’t set yourself as a judge, but know that I am with you and what I’ve spoken into your spirit will surely come at it’s appointed time. And all who sit in judgment and all who scorn will mourn and wail for they shall see and know that I am God.

I’ll withhold no good thing from you. You’ll see. As the harvest comes in, as the people are set free, as my Spirit is poured out through the gates of heaven in this place, you will see the glory and you will see the result of the presence of the glory. For where the glory was, the gold was.

Search and see if it’s not so. Will I do for one and not for another? Have I set myself against one only to lavish love upon another? No, it’s available to all, to whosoever will. There is no respect of one above another, but each has his purpose. Each has their calling. Each has their appointed day. So don’t sit in judgement before the time. For after the end, all things will become clear. And you will understand.”

The Word Considered . . .

As we consider what was spoken, I believe that we will be touched, once again, with His great love and fatherly instruction:

Do we slow down enough to “taste and see?” There is a place in Him, as we spend time in the secret place, where His sweet, all encompassing love overshadows us and we partake of the “apples of gold,” the Word’s that issue from the Voice of the Master Gardener. His words bring enablement and empowerment (John 6:63).

When situation or circumstance draws our attention away from Jesus and the great love of God our Father, then we lose the strength of the intent of our call. Understanding His love is not complete without a revelation of His love. That revelation brings the unlimited resource of unfailing love to bear on all that we set our hand to. As we walk in the faith that works by love, we realize that we cannot fail (1 Corinthians 13:8).

There is no fulfilment outside of Him. He designed us before we were born and placed the divine seed of the desire of our destiny within (Psa.139:13-16; Jer.1:5). The “apples of gold” call to the divine seed and bring it forth. Deep calls to deep and, with the force of love, a force stronger that the moving of the sea, we begin to press for that which we know is out of our reach (Psa. 42:7). But, the call of God is not limited by our abilities, resources, or reserve (Luk. 18:27; Phil. 4:13). He is able to complete that which is entrusted to Him.

Overwhelmed by what is going on around us, we make the mistake of looking at what has happened to others, or what our feelings tell us, and begin to construct an experiential manner of thinking that is contrary to the knowledge of God (John 21:22-23).

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