Our Flag

The American Flag – Our Flag

I’m proud to be an American; to be counted among those who live in this great land! I’m proud to have been able to serve in the Armed Forces and will ever remember what it felt like to wear the uniform of an American Serviceman.

As we celebrate Independence Day I cannot but reflect on the thousands who have shed their blood for our freedoms over the years. The price of freedom has never been cheap. Thousands more live life missing limbs or eye sight. Some are suffering mentally and emotionally while others lose function of various organs because of chemicals used on the field of battle.

We must never forget their sacrifice to guarantee the liberties we enjoy.

Consideration for these fallen hero’s is never complete without remembering Him Who shed His blood for each of us.

Jesus Christ gave His life and shed His blood long before this Country ever existed yet His sacrifice ultimately gave birth to this land where people came to develop a life “Under God”. To ignore this heritage is, as our President stated, “ridiculous”.

When I look at our flag I see in the star filled field of blue the promise given to Abraham of his seed that would be in number like the stars. The stripes of white speak to me of the holy, sinless, spotless Lamb of God, the Holy Spirit and our Father in heaven; Holy Trinity, Three in One, God Almighty. The stripes of red remind me of the blood that Jesus shed to make me clean before a Holy God. I guess this is why I am perplexed by the judges in California who would challenge the pledge of allegiance use of “under God.” If we are not under God we will be under the judgement of God rather than the blessing of God that we still, in His mercy, enjoy.

Let us refuse to yield to such foolishness. Like it or not saint and sinner alike are “under God”. If there were no God, there would be no Nation like ours.

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