Very, Very Soon

Oh, The Glory

I had the privilege of serving one of the most insightful, innovative, and impressive Pastors in Las Vegas during the last hours of what was known as the Charismatic Renewal. In 1973, a man by the name of William (Bill) Martin Sharp, and his lovely wife, Nancy, left the Assemblies of God to pioneer an independent Charismatic church in the “City of Lights.”.

Pastor Sharp left Trinity Temple, now known as Trinity Life Center, and joined twenty-five men and women that had asked him to take the helm of their small, but dedicated, group of believers. This began Las Vegas Christian Center and the church moved from a den in several homes, to a bowling alley, to moving from casino to casino to the purchase of the old Cinerama Theater on Paradise Road. The name was quickly changed to Centerama and the 980+ seat theater was filled almost immediately.

Every Minister, Musician, and Songster that was “anybody” came to be a part of what God was doing. Names like Roger McDuff, Demos Shekarian, Dino, J.D. Sumner, the Happy Hunters, Reba Rambo, Jerry Barnard, Harold Bredesen, the Blackwood Brothers, Vestal Goodman, and many others ministered to the packed out house. Sunday, Wednesday, or Friday, Saturday and Sunday meetings were filled with seekers. Literally thousands were saved and baptized in the Holy Ghost, hundreds were delivered of demons and healed, many ministries were birthed and are now evangelizing the world.

For five years it was the most powerful, effective ministry in the Vegas Valley. God was doing “His act, His strange act,” and the results were becoming the talk of the Nation. This was Pentecost in the most visible manifestation this City had ever seen and what happens in Las Vegas never really “stays here.”

Sin City, the City of Lights, was having a heaven sent, gully washing, Holy Ghost outpouring of good old fashioned revival. Almost every show on the Strip had a Bible study going on between acts. Such were those wonderful days I remember.

As the Charismatic Outpouring waned the Lord spoke to me and said that He would visit Las Vegas again with a greater outpouring than Azusa Street or the Charismatic. There have been prophetic promises of the timing of this Spirit outpouring and the time is so very, very near.

Get ready to experience what you have ever experienced and see what has never been seen before.


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