Out of The Ashes

Out of the ashes

In a critical time of making financial arrangements to finance and further develop the property on Paradise Road, a small group of wet-behind-the-ears associate pastors decided that their leader didn’t really know what he was doing. They began sowing discord and spreading rumors until the vessel that God was using so mightily began to sink.

Like rats leaving a sinking ship, the “faithful” began to drift away and join the spiritual mutineers. Others, filled with the poison of loose tongues, left for what they thought were “greener pastures.” The ministry reeled under the attack and eventually collapsed in the ashes of rumors flames.

In the midst of the ministry’s struggle to survive this demonic attack, a prophetic promise was given. It went something like this:

“Like a Phoenix, the Church will arise out of the ashes. I will visit this City and pour out My Spirit in a greater measure than what you have seen.

The coming visitation of My glory will cause all to speak the name of Jesus. There will not be anyone who is not aware of My presence. This City will no longer be known as the City of Lights, but it shall be known as the City of The Light.

Many will go out to the nations. Churches that have never experienced the call to foreign missions will begin to send ambassadors to the peoples of the world. Las Vegas will be a missions sending city.

The day will come when the nations will bring their riches to the Church in Las Vegas. They will come to be trained and empowered to return to their own peoples with the good news attested to by signs, wonders and miracles.

Though the vision tarry, wait for it. It will not disappoint, nor will it be behind it’s manifestation of My glory.

Great will be the harvest in those days. Great will be the display of My love; yes, greater than what you can possibly ask or think.”

You and I, beloved, are living in the day of our Lord’s visitation; the time of which He spoke.!

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