What If?


He replied to them, and why also do you transgress and violate the commandment of God for the sake of the rules handed down to you by your forefathers (the elders)? Matthew 15:3 (AMP)

The Church, so called, of America has drifted so far off from the core values of its inception and the original intention of God that it is no longer recognizable. The visible “Church” has devolved into nothing more than a irreligious community completely devoid of any understanding of God, His Word, or of the Son of God who said, “I will build My Church” (Mat. 16:18 KJV). Jesus has nothing to do with most of what is now called “Church.”

Tradition has taken the place of Scripture. Please don’t misunderstand me here; I believe in tradition where it has biblical foundation but when men set their hand to establishing tradition after their own unregenerate minds, there is a serious problem.

. . . ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition. Matthew 15:6 (KJV)

Tradition has replaced heart felt worship with liturgical counterfeits. The gifts of the Spirit have been replaced with the imitations devised by man. We use sight and sound to generate an atmosphere that should be filled with dreams, visions, the songs of angels and, most of all, the Voice of the Almighty and the trumpet sound of His prophets.

Signs, wonders and miracles are things relegated to the past by unbelieving “shepherds” or have been replaced with the demonic manipulations of New Age practitioners.

What can be done? What if we soaked ourselves in the Word of God? What if we believed the biblical record? What if we lived by its precepts? What if we soaked ourselves in the presence of the Holy Ghost in seasons of prayer? What if we assembled together regularly and expected the Lord to meet with us? What if this was our cherished and lifestyle tradition?

What if?

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