The New Wave


The 70’s and 80’s were wonderful years in Christ. Many precious men, women, and young people were saved and followed the Lord in baptism. Not a few were baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. New freedom reigns in those who have been delivered of demonic spirits who lorded over various addictions, physical infirmities, and mental torments, and have received healing in spirit, soul, and body.

Oh, but that was then, you say. Yes, and it carried the promise of what is coming. A greater outpouring than that of the Azusa Street Revival! Glory!

Beautiful streams of worship have coursed through the body as of late, as the Father’s love has been shed abroad in our hearts, by the Holy Spirit.

Now we stand at the door of a fresh, powerful, new wave of the Spirit. The past few years have only been preparation for what lies ahead. The previous wave has spread itself on the sands of time and swept the world with its glory. Now, Beloved, there is a New Wave is forming in the ocean of God’s outpouring!

This is a great wave of Love’s power being poured out. God’s Glory coming to the Church like never before. Has it not been said that, “Jesus will come to His Church before He comes for her”?

It is the Hour of Resurrection!!! A time of refreshing. A great time of times.

The Church, those who are awake and watching, will see Him as few have. They shall walk with Him in the garden of His love and manifest the outworking of His glory, power, and might as it flows from relationship with Him.

RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST IS THE KEY to catching the coming wave.

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