The Majesty of Our God

The majesty and glory of our God is so wonderful to behold! He has spoken out of the depths of His love concerning you:

“Be strong and of good courage! You see, there is not a battle between two who are matched and equal. No! Like a small gnat would withstand the blow of a giant in armor, so the forces of Satan attempt to withstand the purpose of your God. The Lord has defeated your enemy at Calvary. Satan is no match. You are not in a war whose determination is still in the balance. Jesus wrought the victory before the foundation of the world. You have won every skirmish no matter how overwhelming the appearance. Even though Satan looks strong and powerful; he is not able to withstand you in Christ. ‘. . . greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world'” (1Jo 4:4).

“Jesus has given you an unsurpassing victory that is appropriated by faith. There is no danger of your losing, no danger of your failure, no danger of your being able to finish the race; for Christ in you, the hope of glory, has made you more than a conqueror and an overcomer in His sight!”

“And you’ve said in your heart, ‘I would like to find a place to hide because those things that are going on around me are more than I can bear,’ and the Lord would say to you, ‘Come unto Me; hide yourself in Me and I will overshadow you and pass My glory by and mend you. I have set My love upon you and as you draw near to Me you will find a place of rest; a place that is accessible only through the Door that I open to you, which is none other than Myself.'”

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