Be Strong

Take Heart

It was in July, 1992 that I sensed that the Lord was speaking this to me. I seems to fit the hour we are in so I thought I would share it with you:

“Take heart when you see the perversities and profanities that abound. When you hear the clatter of war and the chaos in the cities, remember that I Am with you and have called you to reign and rule. My glory will cover the face of the earth! I dance and swirl about you with rejoicing! Ever enfolding you in the shadow of My wings; ever warming you in the light of My healing beams. Never will I leave you! Never will I forsake you; even to the end of the age.”

“The walls of communism will not rise again for I have shattered them. As My word is proclaimed throughout Europe and the multiplied thousands are gathered in, think not that I am a respecter of persons and esteem one nation higher than another. I have called unto all people and even now am sweeping across Asia, across India, throughout regions where the demonic strongholds have said, ‘Never will the light of God come here.’ I am lifting up the Son! Where there were dry, lifeless, bleached bones, bearing the names of denominations, and with the names of nations written upon them, I will breathe and they shall rattle and come together. You shall speak and they shall take on flesh. They will gather and assemble as an army endued with the power of unfailing love. Their color will be as the color of the rainbow that surrounds My throne and nothing will again separate them!”

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