Revival Fire

Revival Fire is breaking out on every hand! A powerful move of the Holy Spirit is stirring up a holy fervor in mainline denominations and independent ministries alike.

The cry of the Nations is for teachers and materials to advance the Kingdom of God. The leaders of the Church overseas are asking for volunteers to come and work with them to reach the lost. They also are asking for study materials to help them guard, guide, and feed the flock of God.

This is a time of great opportunity and challenge for this ministry. Will we “lift up our eyes unto the harvest fields”? Will we arise and meet the need? Will we prepare to go? Are we willing to send what is requested?

I believe we must! We are compelled by the Word of God to “Go . . . and make disciples.” The purveyors of cultic and occultic religious philosophies are pressing forward. Can we be found to be doing less?

Prayerfully seek the Lord to determine what part you will play in kindling or fueling this great Revival Fire!

Consistent prayer support is needed – Will you commit to pray regularly?

We need faithful office help – Can you consistently donate time?

We need faithful maintenance workers – Can you consistently donate your skills?

Work books and study materials cost money – Are you willing to pledge over and above your regular tithe and offerings to see the good news of Jesus proclaimed to this city and the world?

Revival Fire at Home

The foreign field is not the only place that I am seeing Revival Fire.

Right here in Las Vegas, U.S.A. I am seeing and experiencing the same moving of the Holy Spirit that is so prevalent in other parts of the world! We are Praying Through, Breaking Through, and Going Through, this year!

Revival Fire is kindled and bursting into flame right here at home! God is blowing fresh winds through the tinder of the Church and igniting faith for the miraculous. From the coals of the local assembly, the flames of inspired worship and the sparks of inspired preaching bring forth Deliverance, Restoration, Salvation, and Healing.

Revival Fire is an unquenchable, all consuming desire in the heart of humanity for an end to the futility of existence and the confusion of a life devoid of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

As we reach out to the Nations, let us not neglect those in our families, neighborhoods, and local community. The border of the mission field is at our door step.

The Fire Line is before us!

The Gospel of John records these words of Jesus:

I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest. John 4:35 (KJV)

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