Do you hear the Wind? It is not blowing very hard. It is very soft and faint yet. But it is blowing.

Inhale. Breathe in the Breath of Life. The Wind carries the fragrance of Life on it’s wings.

What ever is dead will come to life. Resurrection is in the Wind. Dead hope, lifeless faith, exhausted love, extinct enthusiasm, spent zeal, and lost hunger for the things of God will come alive!

Breath in the Wind. Inhale it’s fragrance. Embrace it’s soothing touch.

This is a great hour! Your time of Victory is now!

Let your hope be the vessel cast on the sea of time, faith your sail, love your rudder. Catch the Wind and steer with it’s flow. Let the anticipation of arriving at the promise renew your enthusiasm, your zeal. Experience a fresh passion for the Word of God, the will of God, the Person of God.

Rejoice in the Wind.

The Wind will bear you up, fill your sail, carry the mist of the early and latter rain to bathe your face in the light of His Presence. The Wind will bring you to safe harbor and anchor you in the Rock where no storm will dislodge you.

Do you hear the Wind? Do you smell His fragrance?

I know you do.

Moved By A Soft, Gentle Breeze . . .

Have you ever watched a cloud as it was moved by a soft, gentle breeze?

I love to gaze at the sky and imagine how it must feel to be that yielded to the wind. Oh, that I could be so sensitive to the winds of the Spirit of God.

When I become conscious of the Presence of the Holy Spirit, there is the deep inner awareness of motion. A movement, much like that of a soft, gentle breeze. Activity almost undetectable in its gentle and unassuming manner.

No doubt you have experienced an awareness similar to mine. The movement of divine flow – Fluid in nature like water, oil or breath.

The congregation was captivated by such a stirring of The Presence when this word came forth. I believe it will quicken your spirit and, like me, you will be aware that you have been refreshed as you are moved by a soft, gentle breeze of the Spirit of God.

Show me Your Glory

“Oh, you say, ‘Show me Your Glory Lord.’

But are you willing to make the walk up the mountain to see the Glory of the Lord manifested.

Are you willing to leave those who will not come, behind, at the bottom of the mountain shaking and trembling for fear.

And, are you willing to walk up the lonely road, that road that calls for obedience.

I said to My servant Moses, ‘Come up here and be there’ and he came and he had no thought for why he was coming.

He came, he came up, he came past the Emerald Pavers, he left those at a midway point that were content to feast and to eat and to fellowship with one another.

And he left them and he went higher, and even then he had to leave Joshua.

For it is a lonely walk, for I would speak to him Face to face.

You must come, you must come alone, for you say, ‘Show me Your Glory, Lord.’

And I say, ‘Come up here! Come up on this mountain! Be there!’

‘Will you come? Will you come?'”

All those that would come . . .

God is calling for a dedication. He is speaking to us, something Spirit to spirit. Something deeper than what you are hearing.

No fear lives on that mountain.

No sin can hide in the Face of Holiness.

“I will come Lord, I will come Lord, Yea, I will come Lord.”

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