To The Bride

Hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches.

The Spirit Says, Many wounded in the field of battle, but They are not destroyed! They are not left without hope, they are not as those without Christ, left on their own. No! Jesus Christ is within them! Resurrection Life will raise them up! Yes, Though a thousand may fall at your side, though ten thousand may fall at your other hand, fear not! Fear not your enemy!

Fear not your own ability to finish the race. Fear not the goliaths that stand before you. Fear not the giants in the land.

For I have purposed that you, as David, shall walk the land. With a sharp, sharp, Sword in your hand, more sure and more true than the pebbles that felled Goliath. Guided by the same Hand that closed the lion’s mouth when Daniel was in the pit. When Mishael, Hananiah, and Azariah, walked in the fiery furnace, the same power manifested the Fourth Man. And though they were in, they came through, even as you shall, in this hour, without even the faintest smell of burning upon you!

Don’t look! Don’t look! Don’t look at those who lie on the field of battle for they shall arise. They are only down for a time and only for a season. But, I will remold them and refashion them. They have been broken as a potter breaks his vessel when he’s not satisfied with it. He will gather up, and he will remold and remake and reshape and refill.

And you shall see them arise out of ashes. You say, “My life is in ashes”. See if I will not, as you look unto Me, if I will not break you as you fall upon the Rock. You shall be broken, yes, but as a potter working with a cherished vessel, so I will gather up the pieces and I will remake you and you too shall be filled with Myself, says your God. Yes!

Shall the old wineskin hold new wine? No! The old things, the traditions, the way it’s been done are all passing away. I’m doing a new thing. This is an hour that you will see My strange act. My work breaking forth speedily upon the land like as never been seen. And in amazement, you will realize, it is being done through you!

Satan has lied. He said the Stone is going to fall on you and you’re going to be crushed to powder because of your iniquity, but Jesus shed His Blood for you, washed your sins away, far away, far away, far away.

God has not appointed you for wrath, but He has purposed to take you unto Himself, a bride without spot or wrinkle. And with His blood, He’ll cloth you with righteousness, and with His Glory He’ll weave you a veil and adorn you with all of the fragrance of Sharon’s beautiful valley fair. And walk the courts of Heaven like a Groom Triumphant. Not leading His enemies in array, but sporting His Bride of Glory!

And all the angels will cry, Holy, Holy, Holy, and wonder at the sight of redeemed man. Altogether lovely, she looks like Him! In radiance, in purity, in beauty. And before the Father’s throne, He will present her.

You will shine, Church, you will shine, for all the stars of glory are not to be compared with what He has laid up in store for you.

Don’t faint in this hour of darkness, it’s not going to capture you. Your every step in this dark place is lit by the steps of your King. Every path you set your foot upon will be lit with the colors of spring. Church, you’re arising! You’re arising in glory!

This is the hour, this is the day! Don’t faint, don’t waver, you’re on the threshold yet. Only a very short time, and you shall see and you shall know as you have been known.

Like Eleazar, I send My Spirit to woo you; and what a fine job He has done. I see the love in your eyes, and I yearn for you. Hear the heavenly call, hear the trumpet sound.

The table is being made ready. There’s room for all. Tell your neighbor. Tell your friend. Compel them all to come in, to come in, to the wedding feast.

Dress and make yourself ready. Sickness fleeing away, cancer gone, never to return. Hearts that are broken, mended, sound, and sure. Sinful conditions washed and made completely sure. Life breaking forth in place of death and marvelous light sweetening every breath.

Arise, shine, oh mighty people of God. Meet your King. Meet your God right now. Like a wind He’s blowing through in the midst, like breezes of life. The Breath of His mouth – He kisses you. Swirling around and around without even making even one small, little, sound. Yet, you hear His voice so clear, so sure, it’s Jesus, it’s Jesus, it’s Jesus, right now. Lifting every weight, every burden, breaking every yoke of bondage, taking upon Himself the grief, the sorrows, the sicknesses, the pains, the insecurities, the anxieties.

For God, has not given you the spirit of fear, but He has given you power and love and a sound mind, filled you with His strength and assurance, given you the God-kind of faith in place of fear. For every question He has given an answer to you. For every doubt He measures to you faith.

He loves you Church, how He loves you. How He loves you, how He cares.

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