Hear the Spirit

This Is A Great Hour!

God is pouring out His love into the church like never before. This is an exciting time! Love Never Fails!

“Love never fails . . .” 1 Corinthians 13:8

As you read “listen” to what God is saying:

“And see, my child, how My love pours out to you. For truly I sent My own beloved, the only begotten, My Son, as a gift of love to you. That you might be able to receive all the fullness that I have to offer. For within My heart is the desire that you come into all that I Am and be behind in no good thing, lacking nothing.

Yes, I know what you have need of. For see, have I not fed the sparrow and clothed the lily and caused the cattle lowing on a thousand hills to be satisfied. Have I not provided all that is necessary for you and given you dominion and authority over it.

This is just a foretaste and a foreshadowing, for as you draw near to me I have promised to draw even nearer to you. This is so that within you and about you might be manifest My glory. So that you might come into realms and things that you’ve never dreamed of. Things that are beyond your wildest thoughts and imaginations.

Eye has not seen nor ear heard, what I have laid up in store for you. Not only in the ages to come but in this age. For I have not set you in a place where you have to wait longingly for all things. No, for I have poured out of Myself, by My Spirit, and My abundance shall flow to, through, and out of you.

Don’t You See?

It must flow and fill and immerse you. You shall be immersed in the heavenly waters of life with into depth that will give you the ability to swim. Oh yes, and then where you go will spring forth streams of living waters. For out of your belly shall flow this stream and your words will bring life and encouragement”.

He who believes in Me – who cleaves to and trusts in and relies on Me – as the Scripture has said, Out from his innermost being springs and rivers of living water shall flow (continuously). John 7:38-Amp

“Every place that you go will, in it’s barrenness, be turned into a fruitful field.

The trees will begin to bear fruit and all that grows up out of the ground shall blossom.

You shall see I speak concerning the lives of mankind. They shall be changed, for I have come unto you and will move through you unto them. For I love you and I love them and My glory shall cover the face of the earth. Yes, and it shall be the glory of the only begotten, for you shall be like Him!”

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