Does A Lover See?

Does a lover see

I have posted this before and it is in my book, Thoughts For Today . The word is just as alive today as it was when it was spoken:

Does a lover see the imperfections of the one loved. Nay, I say unto you, There are none visible, there are none considered. But, even so, who, other than Myself can do away with all imperfections? Is it not written, be you perfect even as I Am perfect? Would I tease you and make a mock of you to speak unto you that which cannot be done? Is anything too hard for Me?
I have purposed to cleanse and perfect you. You are being brought to perfection even as you stand perfected. It is a mystery and yet it is as sure and fixed as My Word. It is more sure than the rising of the sun or any other natural order.
I hear you cry. I hear you murmur. I hear you complain. I hear you say you can not.
I say unto you, You can!
Oh child, speak what I have said. Consider yourself as I consider you. See yourself as I see you. Run to Me and see if I will not forgive and heal your wound.
It is not My desire to harm you. It is not within Me to do you ill. I have planned good. I have planned blessing. I have spoken concerning you and it shall come to pass.
Let it flow within you. Yield to the swelling of the wave that is coming for it is love and it will not fail. It is the word of power within you to perform all that I say.
I chastise you whom I love, that you be not snared, for I see the fowler setting his net and, yea, some have fluttered, yes, fallen into his trap. But I say unto you this day, Once again I tear the net and set you free! Choose this day. Choose this day. Choose this day to be free! For I have purposed for you to be free!

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