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How Do You Regard Your Spiritual Father?

A son honors his father, and a servant his master. If I am a father, where is the honor due me? If I am a master, where is the respect due me? says the LORD Almighty Malachi 1:6 (KJV).

The Bible is replete of examples how a son should naturally honor his father and a servant his master. There should be no question concerning this matter; it should be as natural as eating and breathing.

I want to challenge you in this regard in your spiritual life. Have you identified your spiritual father or mother? If so, have you honored this man or woman whom God has brought into your life? The one who brings spiritual nourishment, admonishment and correction into your life through the scriptures?

This person is not just a friend whom you can call in time of need or a shoulder on which you can cry in times of sorrow, but a mentor, a teacher, a coach and a father or mother; the one who brings guidance into your life through the Word.

Are you honoring this person out of your obedience to God? What are you doing to acknowledge and affirm their authority over your life?

Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee. Exodus 20:12 (KJV)

The blessing of long life is promised to those who honor their father and mother.

The word “honor,” kabad, carries the idea of “make rich, promote,” and “make honorable.”

As we recognize and honor our spiritual parents we find that the law of sowing and reaping begins to bring increase into our lives. What we have sown returns to us multiplied according to the law of harvest and we become the inheritors of the blessing that our “parents” have to give by the laying on of hands.

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