The Gift

Christmas and it’s gift of the New Year is here already. I can scarcely believe it. The year went so fast.

Time, as we know it, is moving by so very quickly. God is doing “His act, His strange act.” The world is racing toward it’s end time fulfillment. All is unfolding as it should.

Do you feel the same stirring within that I do; that thrilling sense of urgency that permeates everything that we are about? What an hour in which to live!

The year 2016 is going to be impacted by the worldwide outpouring of the Holy Spirit revealing Christ Jesus. I’m not just talking about an outpouring overseas, in the “mission fields” (although these visitations will be great!) but right where we live. Walls that have, seemingly, stood against our prayers are going to come tumbling down. Schools, Government agencies, sections of Cities, Clubs, Conventions, groups and individuals are going to throw open their doors asking, “what must we do?”

Your city is one of the greatest harvest fields in the world! The nations have moved next door and are looking for a hand of welcome and encouragement. Jesus would be found moving in their midst, speaking their language, offering hope, pointing them toward the Living God; and such is our calling.

Be strong and very courageous … turn not from (your calling) to the right hand or to the left, that you may prosper where ever you go . Do exploits for God in this hour and see them prosper like never before! (Joshua 1:7; Daniel 11:32b).

Have a blessed Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

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