Greatness comes by being a servant. There was a time when the leaders of our nation were “public servants.” President George Washington left office, rolled up his sleeves, and went back to his farm. He was willing to become just another “We the People”. Now, it seems, that many are simply tyrants that only serve their own passion for power and wealth.

This is not just the case in politics. Unfortunately, there are many, so called, Christian ministers who have the same attitude. Fleece is more important to them than servanthood. Flee such that think “their ministry” exists to support them and their appetites.

There are many sincere, and great, men and women of God who serve the Lord Jesus and His people. The “workman deserves his hire” and should be well taken care of but that should not be the motive for his, or her, “ministry”. It is simply impossible to serve God and Mammon.

It’s all about motive. Let greatness come to you because of your willingness to serve. It was good enough for Jesus and it should be good enough for us.

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