Oil of Heaven



I had the privilege of being a participant at the recent City wide Unity Prayer Breakfast where my dear friend Pastor David Shearin was speaking. During his opening remarks he mentioned how those of us my age would remember the time when most of the songs in the church were scripture set to music. He mentioned Psalm 125:2 “As the Mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds His people.”

He then said, “I think we can also say of Las Vegas, which is also surrounded by mountains, that the Lord surrounds us too.”

When he said that I suddenly saw a clear vision of the Las Vegas Valley slowly filling up with oil poured out of heaven.

I believe the Lord was showing me that the promised outpouring of His Spirit has begun and the great promised Revival is beginning.

Don’t give up on America, Beloved. Her visitation time is come. Glory is being poured out. Restoration is coming from the hand of the Lord.

This will shake the powers of darkness and light the nations for a decade to come.

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