Submit – Resist


Mankind was created by God to have dominion authority over all of creation. Together, under God, they were to fill the earth with righteous seed and live in prosperity and good health.

The first man and woman failed to trust God and broke covenant with Him, allowing sin and its corruption to enter into all their seed. This act of rebellion put all of humanity under the power of the devil and his demonic hordes.

Jesus, the Anointed One, came to restore what was lost and to give whoever would receive Him power and authority over the devil.

Submit, therefore, to God, resist the devil, and he will flee. Jesus defeated the devil and his crowd at the cross on Calvary,  conquering death, hell, and the grave.

Wage the good warfare of Faith and walk in victory every day of your life. Receive Jesus as Lord of lords and King of kings and you will win every spiritual battle and enjoy life and life more abundantly.

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