The Jews say that man has an “evil inclination” within him. Christians call it “sin nature.” Either way mankind has been corrupted by the fall of the first man, Adam, and is born in sin. In other words, the propensity to sin is ingrained in human nature.

The sin nature inevitably leads to thoughts and acts of evil. Until the conscience is completely cauterized and numbed to evil, there is a knowledge of one’s internal wickedness.

Shame and guilt drive the sin and the sinner into the darkness of excuses and/or denial. The Light of God is shunned, avoided at all cost, more darkness embraced to, somehow, hide the sin  This is much like Adam trying to hide their sin by sewing fig leaves together into clothing. A pathetic, unfruitful act.

The decision to respond to the Light of the Lordship of Christ Jesus will deliver from the darkness of guilt and shame, and translate the believer into “His marvelous light where the “evil inclination” will be subdued and purged leaving man to walk in the light and good works.

This “new man” will then be seen to have been transformed by God and will manifest His nature to the glory of God in Christ. The power of sin and death eternally broken.

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