To have a carnal mind is simply to have a mind set on natural things rather than on God and those things that please Him.

Football, baseball, soccer, kids, and even family, can become more important than serving God and serving in His church. There is nothing wrong with any of these things until their importance pulls you out of church and away from serving God’s house.

The natural minded screams, “we’re not under the law, we’re under grace,” but, as our New Testament verse, and many others like it say, there is a law of God. This lawless attitude is simply the natural mind making an excuse for living any way one chooses, whether it is biblical or not.

It is time to choose to become spiritually minded and serve the One you call Lord. Of course, you will need to show up in His house when He calls an assembly and show up with a heart to serve.

It is a simple matter of priorities. It is a matter of what is most important. It is a matter of whether we are pleasing man, including ourselves, or whether we are pleasing God.


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