Speaking Your Believing



Have you ever listened to yourself? It is very revealing. The Bible says that a person speaks what is in their heart. Guess what? If you have doubt, unbelief, or fear in your heart it will come out in your words.

“So what?”, you might ask. What you speak draws what you say to you. Negative words draw negative events and results into your life.

In the other hand, if you have faith, hope, and love in your heart, that is what you will verbalize. Those words, born of believing faith, with bring great things into your life.

Mountain like challenges will move, negative, hindering things will evaporate before your eyes. Your life will take on a new vitality, you will be healthier, and prosperity will be your portion.

Begin to listen to yourself and adjust the words that come out of your mouth and, like a rudder on a ship, you will begin to determine the direction of your life.

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