The Bible declares itself to be the infallible, immutable, uncontestable, only Word of God. God, Himself, pledges to back every word with the promise to honor it and fulfill it.

This not just another book. This the only God breathed (inspired) revelation of the One True God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). The command of God is that this Book must not, nor can it be, added to or subtracted from. In other words, it must not be altered.

As our text today states, this Book of books is a living text, empowered by the Holy Spirit to “judge the thoughts and intents of the heart.” It is the rule book or play book, for all human endeavor. It is a trust worthy guide and life coach quickened by the Holy Spirit.

Within its pages are the “words of life” and it is foolish for anyone to attempt to live life without regard for its eternal life giving properties. In it, the Bible, are found the keys to life, and life more abundant, in this age and the ages to come.

The eternal destiny of every individual is held, and revealed, on the leaves contained within its binding cover.

Pick up a Bible, read it, ponder its great truths, let the Holy Spirit, its Author, teach you, receive its Divine light and life, and be transformed by the One revealed.

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