The great danger today, whether in politics or the pulpit, is society’s propensity to follow the showman irregardless of character.

Politicians and politician wannabee’s have found that voters respond to showmanship, smoke and mirror catch phrases, and emotional pleas more than record, character, qualification, capability, and truth.

Unfortunately, this stage star mentality is leading many gullible God seekers into the quagmire of damnable heresies that will eventually cause them to sink into the fire of eternal hell.

The Apostle Paul said, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” In other words follow me only to the degree that I faithfully follow and represent Jesus, the Christ of God.

This is solid advice for every one of us whether we are considering supporting and following a politician or a preacher.

Let’s grow up and embrace the inestimable worth of integrity, character, and truth in those we listen to and follow.

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