The Blessed


Everyone wants the benefits, but not everyone wants the commitment.

This is evidenced in all the couple’s that refuse to get married but live together, have sex, and play married. They want the benefits without the commitment.

Way too many “Christians,” so called, attend church but refuse to be doers of the Word by tithing and serving. They are just hearers who are wanting the blessings without the commitment.

There are also those who don’t believe in building the local congregation and flit from place to place. The blessing of the Lord is never realized, they never develop a mature relationship with anyone, especially with the Lord. Again, seeking the blessings without the commitment.

Then there are those who just don’t believe they need to go to church at all. They say, “I read my Bible and pray at home,” not realizing that they are like a hand severed from the body. They, too, are expecting the blessings without the commitment.

The blessings of the Lord only flow to those who are in covenant relationship with Him and passionately seek and serve Him. They flow in abundance to the one who yields to Him, His will, and His ways.

The heart that burns with love, is committed to covenant, seeks to please, serves with gladness, builds His kingdom, and obeys His commandments lives with full assurance that the blessings of God will overtake and overwhelm him.

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