Our nation is in a crisis and the world is in turmoil. Many signs seem to tell us that we are in the end times. Jesus asked, “Will there be faith when I return?”

Christian, you and I must put on the armor of God and begin to wage the good warfare, the “good fight of faith.”

Here in America we seem to have exchanged our Christian, biblical faith for an Americanized or Socialized  Gospel.

In an effort to provide a place of freedom for all people we have set aside the word of God and redefined the Constitution’s meaning of “freedom of religion” to include anti-Christian and anti-American doctrines of demons.

We fault Muslims for living out their faith of world conquest by the sword (at least they live what they believe, brutal as it is) and refuse to live out our Christianity in this Christian Nation. We change our biblical laws to appease anti-biblical people groups and wonder why our beloved Nation, that is supposed to be “One Nation Under God,”  is falling apart.

It is time, past time, to put on the whole armor of God and, having done all, stand for what we should believe.

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