True or False?


There are prophets in the land today. They are are the defenders and proclaimers of Truth. They speak for God by the Word of God empowered by the Spirit of Truth.

There are also far too many false prophets. Some speak out of their well wishing soulish hearts. Others speak from a spirit of Mammon for material gain while others simply speak by means of deceptive, demonic unction.

The believers in Christ need to be Bible literate and Spirit-filled, weighing every “word” by the Word and by allowing the gifts of discerning of spirits and word of knowledge to break through their fleshly yearning for a “word” through a “prophet”.

This is not a good time to be without a God called, godly, Spirit-filled Pastor who holds fast to the Bible. It is not the time to chase the signs that should be following rather than leading.

We’re all hungry for more of God but a little, not so common, common sense will go a long way.

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