pastorgeorgeseatedComfortably Radical

I’m one of those thoroughly convinced, radical, believer’s that the Bible holds the only truth upon which mankind can build a truly successful life. It is this firm belief in the wisdom and knowledge of the One True God as revealed in and through His Son, Jesus the Christ, that caused me to write, “Integrity – The Last Great Battle.” Some have said that its pages hold the answers to every challenge facing humanity today. Others have called it “The Christian Manifesto.” At any rate, it is a worthwhile read for all who are interested in bringing peace and stability the societies of the world. It is available at http://www.wellspringlv.com

The founding father’s of these United States of America understood that biblical education was the foundation for all other learning. There were some States that would not even allow an individual to hold public office unless they were Christian. Others maintained that they had to have had a biblical education to serve the populace effectively. It is evident that this simple understanding of truth has fallen in the streets.

As surely as there is a God that means for our good, there is a devil that is bent on our destruction. He is the deceiver and draws mankind deeper and deeper into the moral and ethical abyss that we are experiencing today. Human beings are being stripped of their inheritance as sons of God and brought down to the level of the lowest of animals. Though originally created in the image and likeness of God they have given their glory away in order to gratify their own lust and greed. Only in an encounter with Jesus, the Lord of Glory, is there a lasting hope for the future.

I write to challenge, educate, call higher and encourage. Simply put: I want to add value to your life.

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