As The World Turns

As the world turns I find my stomach churns. So many lies. So much deceit. So much smoke and mirrors. One has to wonder, where can one turn for truth? What is truth?

“Jesus said to him, I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by (through) Me.” John 14:6 (AMP)

Was He a madman, a lunatic, a deceiver, or is He Who He said He is? We cannot say that, “He was a great teacher,” if He was not who He said He was, and is. You decide. Your eternity depends upon it.


Jesus saved my life, and the life of my family. Let Him save yours.

Religion vs Relationship
Article by Dr. Louis Grillo – July 15, 2016

I just was reading an article from the Telegraph which is a publication from the UK about the Nice terrorist attack. It stated “How Religion can drive someone to slaughter his fellow citizens and believe they deserve it.” It also stated ” The person who drove that lorry believed he was part of an altruistic and utopianist global project intended to save humanity, not destroy it. The people he killed were, in his eyes, a cancerous obstacle to this vision, and having chosen to reject it had to be removed from the equation.”t

It is important that people do not relate Biblical Christianity to religion. Religion implies keeping a code of rules to reach an eternal utopia. Biblical Christianity is really not a religion in that definition but a living relationship with Jesus Christ. You cannot force anyone to receive Jesus Christ (being born again). He gives an invitation and gives you a choice to accept His sacrifice or not. It is called free will. His blood satisfies the holiness of God the Father. Jesus takes the punishment for your sin and gives you righteousness in its place. Righteousness means legal right standing with God. But God does not put a gun or a sword to your head and say convert or die. Remember someone convinced against their will is really an unbeliever still.

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